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Second International McGinley Clan Gathering

July 28th-August 3rd 2014

Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland

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July 28th


1. Meet & Greet. Time: 12pm-2pm. Venue: Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

2. Art Exhibition, Charlie McGinley and family. Time: 7:00pm. Venue: An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal (beside Regional Cultural Centre). Exhibition runs for one week.



July 29th


Public talk on Dr J.P.McGinley by Niall McGinley. Time: 8:00pm. Venue: Station House Hotel, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.


July 30th

1. McGinley Clan Golf Tournament. Venue: Dunfanaghy Golf Course, Co. Donegal.

2. Macrame workshop. FREE. Venue: Peggy McGinley's house, Main St., Creeslough, Co. Donegal.

3. McGinley Clan Traditional Music Night. Time: 8:00 pm. Venue: McGinley's Bar, Main Street, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.



July 31st


McGinley Clan Bus Trip. FREE. Departure from bus stop opposite Letterkenny Bus Station.


August 1st


McGinley Public Lectures. Time: starts 12pm. Venue: Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

12pm-12.45pm Sam Moore: The Archaeology of Ireland and Co. Donegal.

2.00pm Dr Tyrone Bowes: DNA can help family geneaology.



August 2nd

Ballyshannon Day - Outdoor Historical Walk with Proinsias Mag Fhionnghaile. Time: 2:00 pm. Meeting place: Clock Tower, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.

3:00 pm Visit to Ballyshannon Museum.

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Buffet service at Dorrian's Imperial Hotel.

8:00 pm McGinley's Bar, Ballyshannon.


August 3rd

McGinley Clan Farewell. Time: 7:00 pm. Venue: Glenswilly Suite, Station House Hotel, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. Buffet evening (minimum charge)


See our brochure of events here ......

Week-long events:

1. McGinley Clan Display. Venue: Letterkenny Library. A display of McGinley Clan-related information, images and books. Library has made available one computer especially for McGinley Clan visitors for the purpose of family research.

More details:

Public talk on Dr J.P. McGinley by Niall McGinley, Tues. 29th July 2014.

Dr J.P. McGinley was one of the most influential figures in Donegal in the 20th century. This special one off talk will be given by his son Niall McGinley.

1. Macrame workshop, Wed., 30th July 2014

A special workshop running all day, will take place in the home of Peggy McGinley of Creeslough. Peggy is an expert in the ancient art of Macrame. Peggy is delighted to welcome people into her home where a warm Donegal, and McGinley, welcome awaits.Creeslough is a small picturesque village close to Dunfanaghy.

2. McGinley Clan Golf Tournament, Wed., 30th July 2014

As part of the McGinley Clan gathering, Dunfanaghy Golf Course will host a special golf event in honour of the McGinley clan. This is a very special course as it sits in the heart of McGinley territory aand has a long McGinley tradition. Dunfanaghy Golf Course is an 18-hole true links course laid out in 1905 by six times winner of the British Open, Mr Harry Vardon. It is situated 20 miles north west of Letterkenny on the N56. The course has views second to none. Cups will be presented to the first male and female McGinley winners.

In the clubhouse you will see pictures of Ryder Cup hero Paul McGinley, who was a member of the club and now an honouree member.

The event is open to McGinleys worldwide, those who have some McGinley heritage (no matter what your surname), those who wish to be a McGinley, and anyone else!

McGinley Clan Coach Trip. Thurs., 31st July

John McGinley Coaches, Donegal's leading bus and coach company, has kindly offered us one of their finest coaches for the day. The trip will take in places of interest to the McGinley clan. The departure point wil be the bus stop opposite Letterkenny Bus Station.

McGinley Clan Lectures.

1. Sam Moore. The Archaeology of Ireland and Co. Donegal.

This talk deals with 10,000 years of human occupation on the island of Ireland; from hunter-gatherers, the arrival of farming and metals, to Christianity and the Medieval periods. It explores the major periods of change, with particular emphasis on the various types of monuments that can be encountered in the Irish countryside and makes special reference to many key archaeological sites in Co. Donegal.

Sam Moore is a lecturer in Applied Archaeology at the Institute of Technology in Sligo who specialises in prehistoric landscapes.

2. Dr Tyrone Bowes is an experienced biotechnologist and the founder of Irish Origenes ( and a leading voice in Irish DNA research. This lecture will be of particular interest to anyone wishing to take their family history further back than any 'paper trail'.

McGinley Clan -Ballyshannon Day. Sat., 2nd August

1. Outdoor historical walk. Speaker: Proinsias Mag Fhionnghaile
Topic: Conall Gulban, ancestor of Donegal’s clans.

2. Visit to Ballyshannon Museum. Tea and sandwiches served.

3. Buffet service at Dorrian’s Imperial Hotel in honour of the McGinley Clan Gathering.

4. McGinley’s Bar, Ballyshannon. An evening of music and conversation, featuring McGinley musicians.

Ballyshannon is Ireland’s oldest town. Our Ballyshannon Day Out coincides with Ballyshannon Folk Festival weekend including street music, story telling, markets, workshops etc. More details:

McGinley Clan Farewell. Sun., 3rd August

A finale evening for McGinleys to get together in a relaxed atmosphere with a buffet.

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The Gathering will be based at the Station House Hotel in Letterkenny. The hotel has kindly offered us an office for the duration of our gathering. This office will work as our 'central base' for the benefit of all visitors to the clan gathering. The hotel is centrally located and offers first class accomodation and facilities. We hope that as many of you as possible will book your stay at the hotel or frequent its excellent restaurant and bar during your stay.

Please visit their website for more details and remember to let them know that you will be attending the McGinley Clan Gathering (as your reason for visiting)

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If your surname is McGinley, or any of its variants, we hope that this website will be of help and interest to you. The main aims of this website is to give those of the surname McGinley (and its many variants) information regarding the origins and history of the clan along with some general information about the lifestyle and culture of the clan before they were dispersed around the world. The other main aim is as an 'Information Board' for McGinleys around the world to connect with each other and to help each other in developing their family trees etc. This history is the history of the surname McGinley, a small clan who originate in the north of Co.Donegal, Ireland. Other spellings include:

Mag Fhionnaile, Mag Fhionnghaile, Gainley, McGeanely, McGeanly, McGeenley, Geenley, McGenley, Genley, McGennell, Gennell, M'Gennely, McGennelly, Gennelly, McGennowlie, McGhinly, McGhunly, McGienley, McGilnay, McGimbley, McGimby, McGimlay, Gimlay, McGimley, Gimley, McGimly, McGinaly, Ginaly, McGindlay, Gindlay, McGindley, Gindley, McGindle, McGingley, Gingley, McGinlaey, MacGinlay, McGinlay, Ginlay, McGinleay, MacGinley, Ginley, MacGinly, McGinly, Ginly, McGinnally, Ginnally, McGinnaly, Ginnaly, Ginneley, McGinnell, Ginnell, MacGinnelly, McGinnelly, Ginnelly, MacGinnely, McGinnely, Ginnely, McGinnery, Ginnery, McGundle, McGuindlay, Guindlay, McGuindle, McGuindley, Guindley, McGuinlay, Guinlay, McGuinley, Guinley, McGuinnell, Gumelly, McGumlay, Gumlay, McGumley, Gumley, McGunlay, Gunlay, McGunley, Gunley, McGunly, Gunly, McGynley, McGynnillye, McKinlay, McKinley, Magenelly, Magenley, Magennelly, Maginally, Maginlay, Maginley, Maginly, Meginelly, Meginlay, Meginley, Meginly, Weginley

For many years now, it has been felt important among those surnamed McGinley (and its varients), that an authorative history of the clan be written and recorded. While many gifted genealogists and historians have written short pieces on the clan, nothing of great length or value has been put into print, until now. This project, covering many years of research, is officially approved by the clan itself. It is indeed surprising that a surname so numerous in the north west of Ireland has not, until now, been properly documented. They say that it's the quiet ones that you should watch, and that certainly pertains to the McGinley Clan. Throughout history the McGinleys have made their mark, both in Ireland and in America, in a very quiet, laid back and unassuming way. The McGinleys have many achievements, most of which are overlooked today. The McGinley name has made a difference to the lives of many without asking for a 'pat on the back'.




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