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This section is for McGinleys around the world to talk to each other, especially to pass on genealogical information about their particular families. This section can also be used by people wishing to know more about their Irish heritage and to know the Irish Gaelic spellings of their names. No password or numbers are needed to use this service. Simply contact us on pobal (at) and we will personally post your details on our website. Just put the word START at the beginning of your message that you want listed, and at the end put the word STOP.

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Hello, does anyone have any information of a John McGinley (born around 1808 living in Tauhgboyne, Co. Donegal, died Strabane, Ireland in 1888). His father may have been a Michael McGinley born c1770's. John McGinley son was Thomas McGinley born c1830, married 27th Nov 1845 Tauhgboyne, Co. Donegal and died Glasgow 1905.

Thanks Peter McGinley


I am looking for any connections to the McGinley family in Wilkes-Barre, Pa prior to WW2. My father was Leo,his siblings, Francis (Hank), Bobby, John, Joe, Winnie, Mary & Helen. Father and mother were Patrick McGinley & Winifred Foy McGinley. The family owned a store "McGinley Bros" in Wilkes-Barre. Msgr. McGinley of Kings College was my fathers uncle. My grandfather had 9 or 10 brothers. His father had many brothers as well. Some in the US some in Ireland. My great grandmother was Briget O'Donnell McGinley. Family lore has her twin sister leaving Donegal for Australia where she had 10 daughters. Very little is known about the family since the death of my grandfather back circa 1930 in Wilkes-Barre.Regards, Michael McGinley, Ardmore, Pa. USA

E-mail: McGinlM (at)


Trying to find my Irish roots. My great grandfather John McGinlay married Helen Lang or Lawn in Glasgow 1874. Both were born in Ireland. His parents were Hugh and Margaret McGinlay. Hugh's parents were John McGinlay and Hannah Brogan -all I presume from Ireland. This is all the info I have and would be grateful if anyone can help.

E-mail: paul.mcginlay (at)


I am the granddaughter of Hugh McGinley, son of Bryan and Mary, nee McCausland. Mary was daughter of Michael and Catherine McCausland. My grandfather was born in Dunfanaghy in 1901 and came to the US in the early 1920's with two of his older brothers, John and Michael. I still have family in Dunfanaghy and have been traveling there on and off for 30 years. I was lucky enough to meet my grandfather's youngest brother, Patrick, several times. He died in April 2003, three months shy of his 100th birthday. My great grandparents are buried in the famine graveyard. My ggf, Bryan, died in the early 1920's and was listed as a farmer. My ggm died in 1940 and was listed as a homemaker.

My Dunfanaghy family doesn't really know anything more than I do. I would like to progress further in my research. There is a caretaker at Glenveagh Castle named James McGinley. There was a comment that he might be a distant cousin. Someone said Bryan McGinley was from Creeslough and Mary McCausland from Kildarragh (sp). One of my father's first cousins, Mick, moved his family to Dublin. He is the father of the professional golfer, Paul McGinley.
Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

Marie McGinley
Fort Lauderdale, FL
E-mail: mizmallow (at)


My great grandfather was Michael McGinley born on 1 Jan 1817 in Donegal, Ireland. He came to the USA in 1835 (I still can't find the ship he came over on) and married on 29 Apr 1849 Jane Johnson. He died on 8 Dec 1907 in Houston Twp, Adams Co., Illinois. I would love to know who is parents are as this is a major stumbling block in my genealogy.

Jane Johnson was born on 29 Apr 1833 in Fermanagh Co., Ireland and came to the USA in 1846 (again cannot find ship). She died on 23 May 1923 in Lorraine, Adams Co., Illinois. I have headstone photos for both Michael and Jane and all dates were in the family bible. Her parents were Robert Johnson and Mary Thompson of Ireland.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Marcy Feltenberger
E-mail: MFeltnbrgr (at)


Can anyone identify the Francis McGinley from this World War II era photograph? The names on the folder this photo was held in are: C. T. Thompson, James E. Culver, Manville Pike and Francis McGinley, but the names might not be in order. ?If you can identify which of these men is Francis McGinley, or if you have any information about the Francis McGinley in this photo or of his descendants, please contact

Glenda Hall
E-mail: gjohall (at)


My name is James P McGinley my father was Neil Anthony Mc Ginley born in Ballymoney Co. Antrim Northern Ireland. in January 1930. His father was also James Patrick McGinley born Dunfanaghy/Carrigart area of Co Donegal I know he went to Scotland in his early years to work in the potato industry and on his return settled in North Antrim.

Jim McGinley
E-mail: jimeith (at)


My mom’s maiden name is spelled Maginley and our family is generally from the Scranton, Pennsylvania area. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this spelling and where it may have originated? My great grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Maginley and he was born around 1902. I was wondering if our family was also from Donegal? I have a lot of Maginley cousins whose names appear to be commonly used throughout generations as I’ve seen on this website and some of the resemblances of the pictures that are posted and my family are uncanny. I really enjoy researching my families’ roots and any information would be much appreciated.

Kelly Alexander
E-mail:kelalex53 (at)


I would like to compliment you on your web page for the McGinley Clan. I live in Perth, Western Australia with strong family links to Donegal. My Grandmother was Rose McGinley and she married John Duffy in 1898 and then moved to Glascow for work and later (in 1912) migrated to Perth, Western Australia. Rose McGinley's father was Charles McGinley and her mother was Rose Boyle. If any members of your clan have any information about my ancestors, I would love to get it from them. I have a good history of the descendents of Rose and John Duffy in Australia.

Dan Duffy
E-mail:danielduffy (at)


Looking for any information on how the McGinleys got to Fanad (Clondavadog parish). The townland of Ballymichael has numerous (appprox 6) McGinley families going back as far as the Tithe Aplotments. There are a few othe McGinley families scattered around the Parish also. There is no mention of this territory on the clan website. It has been suggested that they may have come across from Mevagh as it was a noted clan location.

Eamonn McGinley
E-mail:mcginleyej (at)


Brothers Charles (b 1821), Patrick (b 1825) and Andrew Bernard McGinley (b1828) all came to America from Ireland together in 1843. Brother Andrew Bernard McGinley came as a stow-a-way on the same ship as his brothers. By 1860 all three brothers are married with families and living in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. Father's name may be John McGinley - mother unknown. They all came from County Donegal. Looking for information about family who did not immigrate and other siblings as well.

Marlene Chaney
St. Cloud, MN
email: mchaney514 (at)


Would appreciate any information about Henry McGinley (probably died about 1830ish), married to Catherine Theresa Campbell, who were parents of Michael, Cornelius, Thomas Colin, Sarah and possibly a Bridget. Cornelius emigrated from the Killybegs area to Kingston, New York area (then Horicon and Adirondack, New York) about 1846, later joined by wife Sarah Ellen Duncan and son Patrick. Sarah also emigrated at some point and settled in New York City. Her daughter, Sara, was the mother of a Father Robert McCormick. Would like to know anything about the above, but especially Henry and Catherine. Thanks.

email: ro7554 (at)


Looking into finding Margaret Mc Ginley from Gweedore area. Born in 1878. Married Daniel Mc Garvey of Brinleck sometime in the 1900 or after. Died in 1966 aged 88 years. Any information given would be great.

email: geraldineobrien73 (at)


For many years I have been searching for more info on my gggrandfather's line. Ambrose Sweeney was born in Ireland (don't know where in Ireland) either 12 Oct 1846 or Nov 1847. I do not know his parents or siblings.  He came to America on the ship Britannia entering through the New York City port in Nov of 1865 and settled in Greene County, Pennsylvania where he was a coal miner for a number of years. He married Rachel Lough in about 1883 and they had 6 children, Mary Elizabeth (my ggrandmother), Donna C., Sarah A., James, John and Clara. Ambrose died January 12, 1915 in Greene County, Pennsylvania, and is buried there also. Any information on where he came from in Ireland or who his parents or siblings may have been will be greatly appreciated. 

Marvel Earnshaw
marvearn (at)


My name is Amy McGinley, I married Michael McGinley he is the son to Paul McGinley, son to Raymond McGinley, son to Andrew James McGinley (born May 23, 1881 in Horicon Warren, New York and he died April 15, 1964), son to Andrew McGinley (born Mrch 1853 In New York no date of death), son to Cornelius McGinley who was born June 19, 1819 in Ireland, and he died Dec. 3, 1906 in Adirondack New York in Ireland, he married Ellen Duncan. His father was Henry McGinley (born and died in Ireland), his mother was Catherine Theresa Campbell. His brother was Thomas Colin McGinley the Writer/Scholar born in 1830 around the time of his fathers death. I am looking for anyone who might have more inforamation on this particular line, and might know more information on Henry and Catherine to bring the line further back. I know my husband's family still has ancestors over in Ireland, his grandfather Raymond as well as some of his Aunts/Uncles have been over to Ireland and have visited with them.

I would love to hear from anyone who may be connected with this family or have information they are willing to share. Thank you and hope to hear something soon.

Amy McGinley
ammcginley (at)


Hello, my name is Rob McGinley and my dad recently passed away. My dad was called Joeseph McGinley and he was born in Glasgow in 1936 he had 3 sisters (Margaret, Mary and Juliet), he also had a brother called John. I believe they lived in Hollybrook Street Govan Hill. All Iknow of my granparents was my grandad was called Denis. My dad moved to Milton Keynes in 1965 and my dad was very vague with details of past McGinleys or any other relations. I am looking to find out more about my family tree and the McGinley name as the name means so much to me. Any help would be much appreciated.

Robert McGinley
robertmcginley (at)


Hello. I am trying to trace my Irish ancestors in Donegal but I dont know where in Donegal they come from so am posting on here hoping for a clue. My GGGrandfather was John McGinley b 1835 son of James McGinley and Mary Tinney in Donegal. He had a brother called Christopher b 1837, John and Christopher went to Glasgow, Scotland in the mid 1850's and settled there. John married a Mary Haggarty in 1853, Strabane, dont know if this was in Strabane or just the administrative area as some parts of Donegal were. Can anyone help please.

Christine Abbott
E-mail: Abbottc81 (at)


Live in Oklahoma, would like to know more about my family history. Great grandfather was J. K. McGinley who was married to Margaret O/Daughtery.

Rebecca Mcginley
E-mail: beccajune69 (at)


I'm trying to find out about my great great grandparents. My great great grandfather was James McGinley, born in Ireland about 1841. He lived most of his adult life in Port Glasgow, Scotland, and had two daughters: Mary and Bridget. He was either married to Sarah or Dorothea Sweenie (or both!), as both names show up in the records at various times. She could also have been 'Sarah Dorothea' or 'Dorothea Sarah', who went by either first or second name at various times. She (or they) was also born in Ireland, and spent her adult life in Port Glasgow. Their daughter Bridget married David McClanaghan and they had a son call Bernard, born in Port Glasgow in 1917, who lived most of his life in Leeds. Thanks for any help you can give me.

E-mail: denzildragon (at)


This is April 13, 2010 and I’m inquiring about my Grandfathers family for which we know very little about..His name was Charles J.McGinley and lived in Altoona, Pa with my Grandmother Matilda C.Linck. My father was Leo Linck McGinley and played baseball in Altoona, Warriors Mark, Spruce Creek and Lakemont PA..I believe all of my fathers sibling are also deceased..Richard McGinley, Alma McGinley Watson, Johanna McGinley Hodges, Erma McGinley(?) and Helen McGinley Reagan..Any help will be appreciated.

Eileen McGinley
E-mail: emcginley2005 (at)


My name is Daniel McGinley and I am looking for information on James McGinley b.1843 in Donegal Co. He Married Julia McLaughlin around 1863. The had 6 children.

Hugh M McGinley b.21 May 1863 Londonderry
James McGinley b. Bet 1865-1868 Londonderry
Daniel McGinley b. 09 Dec 1869 Londonderry
John McGinley b. 1871 Londonderry
Elizabeth McGinley b. 1874 Londonderry
Hannah McGinley b. Abt 1877 in Donegal

In 1880 Hugh came to America and settled in Kansas City Missouri. Followed by John, Daniel, Elizabeth and Hannah in early 1900s.
James and Julia are my 2nd great grandparents and this is where I hit the wall. No records for either of them I can find. Only mention is their names on some of the US docs I found on the ones in the USA.
Elizabeth passenger record has friend listed as Mrs. McKay, 45 Stanley's Walk. Londonderry.
Any info on James and Julia would be greatly appreciated. If I can find the Parish they are from maybe I can break down that wall.

Daniel McGinley
E-mail: danmcginley (at)


My 2nd great grandmother Sarah McGinley, born 1850 Ireland, was in Albany, New York from 1868 until her death. I believe her parents were John McGinley, born 1824, and Nancy Bowers. I have not had any success linking the family back to Ireland. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jeanne Pearce
E-mail: pearce.jeanne (at)


I got an e-mail a while back regarding the McGinley clan meet 2010 from a McGinley in Philadelphia. Ihave lost his e-mail, Ithink they own a business. Can you put this up to see if any one remembers it. My father is Patrick McGinley and we live in killybegs, Co. Donegal.

Pauric McGinley
E-mail: pauricmcginley (at)


I am looking for information about Rosannah McGinley, born about 1790 in Ireland. She married Constantine O'Donnell in Maryland in 1809 and they had a large family. In 1830 they were living in Franklin Co, PA.

E-mail: bhawp16 (at)


Hello, I am related to the daughter of Rosannah McGinley and Constattine O'Donnell. Her name was Rosanna O'Donnell born in Antietam Maryland. She married Edmund M Reilly. I tried to email but it won'y go through. Anyone help me with this family? My line is their son Daniel Frederick Reilly who married Sarah Elizabeth Stickles. Their daughter Maud Irene Reilly was my grandmother. I have more information but need to connect with someone who is working on this line.

Colleen Endicott
E-mail:bowwow123 (at)


Looking for information for my grandad Denis McGinley he appears on the 1911 Ireland Census in Keeldrum Upper Gortahork. His father was James McGinley who was married to Mary (nee Gallagher).There is also his brothers and sisters listed (Tague, Catherine, Magie and Patrick). Also on my grandads marriage certificate his best man was Joe Whoriskey and Ican find the Whoriskey connection in Keeldrum. Any information would be very much appreciated as I have come to a stand still in my search.

Robert McGinley
robertmcginley (at)


I am trying to find out more about a male Byrne who married a Mac Ginley girl in Killybegs area of Donegal in c. 1830-1840. It is believed that The Mac Ginley girl was daughter of Sinott/ Mac Ginley but dates don’t add up for it to have been TC Mac Ginley and Margaret Sinnott who I believe married in 1864. Any information would be great.

Clara Hoyne
thehoynes (at)


Can anyone identify the people in the photograph below. It was taken c. 1900?, of McGinleys from Killybegs, Co. Donegal, Ireland. They are believed to be related to Bishop McGinley. Any help is much appreciated...

Proinsias Mag Fhionnghaile
eolas (at)


I am trying to locate any info James Patrick McGinley who was born in Ireland, unk where possibly Cork, in 1830. He married Margret McFadden and they moved to the US and had several children, one daughter was Margaret Agnes McGinley who was born in US in 1863 or 1864 and she married James Paris Kidwell in 1882.

rtparis07 (at)


I am trying to find out some information on ancestors of mine who left Glasgow for New York. Catherine married James McGinley in February 1878 and had a son named Charles (born Dec 1878) in Glasgow before moving to Manhattan, New York in 1882 on the SS Furnessia. On the 1900 census of Manhattan, New York she was known as Kate (aged 40) and was a widow. Also there are Charles (son, aged 21) born Scotland, Margaret (daughter,aged 16) born NY, Andrew (son, aged 11) born NY, Thomas (Andrew's twin, aged 11) born NY, James (son, aged 7) born NY and Frances (daughter, aged 4) born NY. Catherine's husband must have died between August 1895 and the census. Catherine then went on to marry a William Donohue on Christmas day 1904 in Manhattan but I cannot find them on any other census returns. Margaret McGinley (born March 1884) married a John McPherson on 17 November 1904 in Manhattan. John was originally from Birkenhead and his father was Bartholomew McPherson (1837-1884 died in Birkenhead, Cheshire) and his mother was Mary Rogan. If anyone has any information your help would be much appreciated.

Colleen Howe
colleenhowe (at)


Attractive 0.5 acre site for sale in the townland of Swillybrin between Creeslough and Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal overlooking good country views with majestic Muckish mountain in the distance. This is subject to Section 47 or possibility of holiday home planning. It may be of interest to a McGinley returning home permanently or having a holiday home. Further details available from Eamon McGinley.

E-mail: eamon.mcginley (at)


I have precious little information on my family tree. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
My great grandfather was Michael McGinley, born in Ireland in 1827. He came to the US and married Roseanne Katrina Gates, also born in Ireland in Sept. 1827. I don't know when they married but they did live in PA in 1800's.

A son, John McGinley, was born in Pittsburgh around 1858. He married Mary Henry who was born in Ireland (County Cork?). They eventually lived in Clayton Co. of WI. John died at an early age in March of 1861. That left Mary to raise their four children: Mike, Anna, Willie, & Mary. Mary Henry McGinley later married Eugene Fresch whose parents were French. She died at Gays Mills, WI in 1934 andis buried in the Catholic cemetery in that village.

Above mentioned Willie was my father. He was born near Gays Mills WI in late 1890's He married my mother, Grace Gorman in 1930 at St Philiips Church in rural Soldiers Grove WI. Dad died in Viroqua, WI in 1968. Mom died in 2008 at the age of 101 years. They are both buried in the Catholic cemetery in Gays Mills, WI.

That's about all I know. Perhaps someone out there can add new information. Many thanks.

Richard McGinley aka Austin McGinley
austinmcginley95 (at)


Would like to have more detailed info regarding where the following places are located in Ireland i. e. County et. al: Ardtrea, Derry, Ireland
Londonderry, Ireland
Ballymagh... Magh... felt, Ballymedday
The above is taken from documents circa mid-1800's. My sincere thank you, in advance, for your help.

Bev, USA
b18627t (at)


I am the granddaughter of Linda McGinley Coogan (1889) and Francis Coogan of Monaghan Ireland.

Linda McGinley Francis approx. 1912. Linda McGinley had two brothers and a sister that I'm aware of: Sarah McGinley, Eugene McGinley and Joseph McGinley.

Linda McGinley Coogan moved to Paisley Scotland in 1913 and Johnstone Renfrewshire Scotland in 1917. She emigrated to US in 1923 with some of her children.

Sarah, Eugene and Joseph emigrated at a later date. Joseph and Eugene never married and lived their life in New York.

Sarah McGinley emigrated to the US with her niece (my mother), the daughter of Linda McGinley Coogan "Sarah Ann Coogan". Sarah McGinley later married Michael Marinara. They had two sons Edward and Michael.

Any information about other family members would be appreciated. My mother Sarah Ann Coogan Crawford passed away Dec 1, 2010 and I've been trying track her family (mother McGinley and father Coogan) back to Ireland and Scotland.

Veronica (Roni) Reinhold
roni04 (at)


Very green at this but fairly certain Robert C. McGinley [8-15-1851 -- 7-9-1925 ] married Martha Metcalfe Hiner 12-2-1874 in Indianapolis. Hope to go beyond this he may be son of Amos W. McGinley [1822-1861] and he may be son of Amos A. McGinley [1778-1856] ?????

Not 100% sure Robert was Robert C. but the marriage date is good.

Could rest easy if the trail does go back to old Amos A. Any information appreciated. Thanks

Thomas McGinley [1939]
thomas.mcginley (at)


Hello, I am the great grandson of Jack McGinley, who passed away in 1957. I am unsure of his birth date, but he lived in Chipman New Brunswick at the time of his death. If there are any other McGinleys from the East cost of Canada, or anywhere with information of family members preceding Jack McGinley, the information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Joshua McGinley
joshua.mcginley (at)

Tel.: (506) 721-2148


Hi, My name is Carol Hann(Ryan) My grandmother was Mary Mcgimbley married to James Ryan in Ferryland Newfoundland.I grew up in an orphanage so I didn't get to find out much about my ancestors, but from what i have learned no one seems to know much about Mcgimbley ,,, actually nothing, I can not seem to connect the name at all.I was just wondering if in your research you found the name and maybe could help me.I figure she would haver passed at least 50years ago, she did have several children james, john, thomas, frank, margaret, catherine , all long passed, if you have any information i would love to know it. Thanks.

Carol Hann
E-mail:carolhann (at)


Hello, I was hoping to find some information on my Great Grandfather, Francis J. McGinley. He emigrated to the United States in August 1911, and moved to Anaconda, MT. I think he was from Meanacross or Glencolmcille and was born about 1890 or so. If anyone has any information on him or his family, please contact me at

E-mail: jhaffey (at) Thank you.
John F. Haffey


Has any of the Clann or family have any details of Cú Uladh viz. PT McGinley? I am researching the early days of Conradh na Gaeilge (Gaeilic League) in Belfast.

If so contact me at sodireain (at) uk
Thanks Dr Stiofán Ó Direáin


This is a letter my father found amongst my grandfather's belongings when he past (about 20 years back). He had written this, we believe, to his cousin Ann Meehan, Who was married to an american and settled in Florida. My father met their son Edward a couple of years a go when he visited Florida. The letter was written in 1985. My granfasther is called Peter Ginnelly, from Co Mayo.

"My mothers maiden name was BRIDGET RYDER and my fathers name was MICHAEL GINNELLY. The English people say it with a soft G, for example GIN-NELLY but I assure you it’s sounded with a hard G: GINNELLY.

I was the youngest of the first family and my mother died in childbirth when I was born. There was eight in the family, five brothers and three sisters, to-day, 1985, only three of us survive, Greta, John and myself. My father married again and his second wife’s name was KATIE McNEILL and they had two children: PATRICK and ELIZABETH who were my half brother and sister.

All of my Uncles on my fathers side went to the USA bar MARTIN he stayed in Ireland and died about 1966 age 99yrs. All of my uncles on my mothers side, RYDER, went to Australia and New Zealand bar PADDY RYDER. My step mother, KATIE, had some brothers in the USA, I only met one of them, MICHAEL, when he was in Ireland on holiday, I was very young at the time.

My brother WILLIE also went to the USA where he died quite some years ago but his son and his sons daughter were in Ireland not so long ago, I believe this is NANCY. She called to visit me at Hemel Hempstead.

My Father, MICHAEL, had a general stores when I was a youngster and he used to build cottages in the local area.

When the civil war broke out in 1916 and both sides took what they wanted at gunpoint, when the British pulled out in 1932 nobody reimbursed my father for the goods that had been taken. He, Michael, died of a tumour on the brain in 1937.

I went to England in 1932 at the age of 18 and spent my working life as a building contractor, mainly doing groundwork and roads and sewers. I had a good life and was very happy with my wife Margaret Edna, who everyone knew as Edna. She died in 1975 and I did not do much work after she was gone. We had two children, Michael and Angela.

The name originated in Northern England.

I was born, County Mayo, one of the five counties of Connaught.

Hope this gives you some information, I could go on forever. Remember to send me a bottle of American Rye Whiskey, I used to get it off the American forces during the war."

If anyone feels they are descendents of any of my family I would be delighted to hear from you.

E-mail: wednesday1376 (at)
Michelle Ginnelly


Hi Clan, I am studying my family tree and need information on the following people.

My Great, Great Grandmother on my mothers side of the family was a Susan Mc Ginley of Donegal Ireland. The information that I can decipher from Marriage and death certificates are. She was born in 1860 to a Maddens Mc Ginley and Margaret? From her death certificate she died on the 5th November 1925 in Victoria, Australia. And had spent 50 years here in Victoria and 10 year prior in New South Wales, Australia. Making her arrival in Australia when she was 5 years old. She had 10 children in total to my Great, Great Grandfather John Townsend Dennis 1856-1926 he was from County Cork Ireland. George Townsend 1881-1948, John Townsend Dennis 1884-1954, Margaret Jane Dennis 1886- ?, Louis Edward Dennis 1888-1918, Edward Dennis 1890-1898, Susannah Dennis 1891-1979 (my Great Grandmother), William Dennis 1893-1893, Mary Dennis 1895- ?, Walter Dennis 1896-1896, Joseph Dennis 1899-1902. Any family background most appreciated!

E-mail: dionnewalton (at)
Dionne Walton


I am looking for any information on Leo McGinley Long. He was my grandfather and I know nothing about him except that he may nave been born near Finlay Ohio in or around 1880. He was a poet and published several books of poetry and he married Florence McKibben in the early 1900s in Muncie, Indiana. Any information would be helpful. I am assuming that his mother was a McGinley

E-mail: stephany_andrews (at)
Stephany Andrews


Hello my name is Cindy Lee Anne McGinley I was born March 15 1963 in Ottawa Ontario. I do not have any information as to my heritage. My father is John McGinley and my mother is Sheryl Grace Christie, I believe they were married in 1962 in Maxville Ontario. I have always been told I was of Scottish descent but after doing some research on the McGinley name, I now believe I am of Irish descent. If any one can provide any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to anyone providing any information!

E-mail: cin_mcginley (at)
Cindy Lee Anne McGinley


My husband has traced his family tree back to his 4th great-grandfather Hugh McGinlay who was married to Agnes Frail before 1798 from Donegal. Their son William (born in Ireland in 1798) immigrated to Glasgow.

We are planning on coming to Ireland next summer (2014) and was wondering if there is a government records office that we could go to in order to do more searching. Any help is appreciated.

E-mail: emcginlay (at)
Erin McGinlay


My name is Tung McGinley. I was born on July 7th 1970 in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province, Vietnam. I am an Amerasian. I am looking for my biological father, an American white name is McGinley. He was station in Ðu´c Tu District, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai, Vietnam in 1969 when my mother was 17 years. He worked in Department of Civil Affairs in Duc Tu district. His job was helping with orphans and giving Vietnamese foods and drinks. My mother name is Mai Phi Nguyen (Nguyen Phi Mai); she was born in 1952. My grandmother name is Mi Thi Huynh or My Thi Huynh (Huynh Thi Mi or My). My grandmother job was washing and iron uniforms and clothes for American soldiers. My mother always came to pick up their clothes for my grandmother. That was how my parents knew each other. Before my father left Vietnam, he digged an water well for my grandmother at her house. He knew, my mother was pregnant, so he told his American black friend an electrician in Long Binh US Ammunition Depot that “please help him to bring me to USA later when his friend comes back to USA”, but his friend passed away in Vietnam. When I was a baby, my father sent me a dog toy and $300. Then, after we moved, we lost contact with each other.

Also, I have my DNA tests: FTDNA and Y-DNA37 test results by It has shown that my ancestor is Irish and last name is McGinley as my father last name.

I earnestly wish I can see my father, even for once before too late. I am 43 years old, and I believe that my father is old now. If you have any information about my father, please give me an email. My email address is: anhquynh2001 (at)

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for helping me.


Tung McGinley.

E-mail: anhquynh2001 (at)


I'm helping someone with their family tree and I'm trying to find some information about a Mary McGinley who was born about 1861 in Corracramph, Donegal, Ireland... her father was a Bernard McGinley. She married a Patrick Martin of Garvagh in 1882. The Martin family lived in Tawnawully, Donegal, Ireland.

There is family lore that Mary Martin nee McGinley was a poetess. The only evidence the family have of this is a sentence about her in the obituary of a family member. There are also stories circulated among her descendants about the fact that all of her children had to travel to Dublin and Belfast with her so that she could read her poetry over the radio. Mary was also active in the Gaelic League which may be another factor to be considered in the lore.

So my question is.....has anyone ever heard of a Mary Martin or a Mary McGinley in the capacity of a poetess or seen any reference to her work? It may be possible that she used the Gaelic form of the surname McGinley. I don't know if there is a Gaelic form of Martin.

It would be wonderful to prove that she did indeed write poetry and was well known enough to read her work over the radio.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated by the family. Please contact me... Mary Ann Tate. Thank you.

E-mail: mabtate (at)


Hello I'm writing on behalf of my nana who is 79 years old born on the 13th of April 1935 in Thorn Hill Scotland she has been looking for her sister and I hope you can help. Her sister was born we think in 1938 or 9 at Kelloholm in Scotland her parents were Fanny McGinley maiden name Finnott and father was Michael McGinley they also had a son called Michael that died when he was young in Kirkconnel age 5 drowned. We believe that when Mary was 2 while they were visiting Donegal she took ill and was left there with the grandmother and Mic Heals two brothers think name was John while they returned to Scotland Micheal and Fanny split up and he stayed in Galashiels but she never seen Mary again and when she spoke to Micheal years later 1964 he would not tell my Nana where Mary was as he didn't want his ex wife to know. This for years has left my nana always wanting to know where she is. Any help would be great. My nana was Michaels stepchild but she seen Michael as her dad. We believe they were near the sea in Donegal place called Gorkaloch something sounding like that.
Regards Andrea Smith

E-mail: gracesmith13 (at)


I`m looking for further info on my paternal 3x great grandfather Patrick McGinley (bn Londonderry, Ireland abt.1818 - d. 20 Nov, 1874) my McGinley members were mostly in Oneida County, NY and spread out from there. There is a family plot section in Saint Bernard`s Cemetery, Waterville, NY. I don't know who all in the family is there but I know some. Including my 3x ggf Patrick. I would also like to connect with my McGinley family members. Possibly share pictures and research already gathered. Thank You for any help I may receive. Stacy

E-mail: fstacyla (at)


I have found via the 1850 Ireland census that my gggrandfather, a labourer, was born in Glenties in 1825 or 1826. His name was Patrick McGinley. He lived in a dwelling with his wife Catherine 23, and daughter Mary J 2, at the time. He emigrated to US shortly after and finally settled in Rutland Vermont. Also listed for the dwelling was Pratt Powers 21, Thomas Deehan 19 and Rickard Cootle. Any information would be appreciated. Also does any know if the dwelling numbers (in this case 175) has a corresponding map so that I could find the general area of this dwelling?

Thank you, Nancy McCaffrey

E-mail: retirednancy (at)


Does anyone know if there are any descendants of Anne Burns McGinley and Bryan McGinley in County Donegal? One daughter stayed in Ireland and married Frank Cunningham. They didn't have children. They lived in Malin Beg. One son, Patrick, came to America. I think he married in Pennsylvania. His wife died. He then came to Mississippi and married Melissa Busby. He then came to Mississippi and married Melissa Busby, lived in Malin Beg.

E-mail: lamehp (at)


I am putting together a trip for a McFadden family living in the US. I am looking for information on an Ellen McGinely that married a Taugue McFadden. I believe she would have been born in the first half of the 19th century. She had a son name Barney, how may have lived near Glen, Co. Donegal. Any ideas for me?

Jeanne Lewis

E-mail: jeanne (at)


Hello, I am doing some family history and I came across an Owen McGinley that was married to Unity McGinley (maiden name McGarvey) that emigrated to America in July 1883 with a daughter Margaret (she was 10 at the time). I know he was born in Donegal, Ireland, left from Moville, Ireland bound for New York and I was wondering if there was a relation to your clan. Any information would help. If you would like the information about the family tree from Owen to me I can provide that. Thank you and have a nice day!

Michael Wiland

E-mail: mwiland (at)


Brothers Charles (b 1821), Patrick (b 1825) and Andrew Bernard McGinley (b1828) all came to America from Ireland together in 1843. Father may be John McGinley (1799). They may have come from Kilcar or Raphoe. Andrew married Mary Carr from the same area. They all moved to St Croix county in Western Wisconsin, in the United States. Andrew was a Linen salesman in New York when he came. Possibly they were connected with flax in Ireland. Thank you for any help.

Cadace Lundgren

E-mail: lundc (at)


I am looking for any information on James McGinley. He was born in approximately 1845 in County Mayo, Ireland. He was married to Mary Barrett and they lived in Braidwood, Illinois. He died in 1901 and Mary (Barrett) McGinley died on 2/28/1915 in Joliet, Illinois. They are both buried in Braidwood, Illinois. From what I have learned, I believe they had 7 children all born in Braidwood, Illinois (Ann, Thomas, Bridget, Margaret, Hannah, Anora, and James). Any information that can be provided, would be great.

Lynn Weiss

E-mail: lynn22765 (at)


I am looking for any information about my GG Grandfather George Haggerty & GG Grandmother Catherine McGinley.... they were married on the 24th September 1855 in Ballyshannon Co. Donegal and had 2 children Charles Haggerty born 1856, Mary Ann Haggerty born 1858 and between 1860 and 1861 they left Ireland and move to Glasgow Barony… I would like to trace and member of the Haggerty and McGinley families or if anyone has any information about my families genealogy.

Yvonne Evans

E-mail: yvonnel7 (at)


Bridget McGinley married Peter Gallagher in Carn Donegal Ireland and a daughter Bridget born 15th January 1865 In Carn migrated to Australia with her sister Mary. I believe her brother Peter and perhaps another brother also migrated. She married in Sydney to Timothy McNamara and their children were born in Western Australia. The first child Bridget was born in a Hotel run by Patrick and Susan McCafferty who were related to Bridget, they were from Letterkenny in Adara.
I have photos and memorabilia I would like to pass on to a relative.

Pam Caddy

E-mail: frank.caddy (at)


Kate McGinley - Yusen Travel, New York city. I'm looking for Katherine McGinley who I haven't heard from in 25 years. It's her birthday today, Jun 11, and I would've dearly liked to send her my good wishes. I remember her as a sweet, delightful, beautiful young Irish-American. She was born in Ireland, but emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1980s after winning a spot via the U.S. visa lottery. Kate and I worked together 1988-90 at Mitsubishi Yusen Travel, a Japanese travel agency in New York city at 53 Street and Madison Avenue in midtown Manhattan. She was also studying to become a Physical Therapist. At that time she lived in Woodside, Queens, New York city. Back in Ireland, her dad owned a business that rented out farm equipment.

Thank you!
Neil De Odhar
New York, NY

e-mail: neil (at)


My name is Marie McGinley and I am emailing you from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. I am trying to add information to a family tree I first started as a 21 yo girl visiting Ireland for the first time In 1977. During that visit, I met my grand uncle Paddy McGinley, my grandfather, Hugh's brother. Paddy lived until 3 months shy of his 100th birthday in 2003 and I was lucky enough to spend time with he and his family on my several visits to Dunfanaghy. The last time I got to see him was 2002. I started the search in large part because all 4 of my grandparents were dead by the time I was 9 years old. I continue to visit Dunfanaghy when I can and spend time with Brian and Bried McGinley on Main Street and their children and families as they are all very dear to me.

Paddy and Hugh had a number of siblings including Bernard/Barnie. He is the grandfather of the golfer Paul McGinley, making Paul and I second cousins.

I have long known that my great grandparents were Bryan aka Bernard McGinley and Mary McCausland. I have also known that Mary's parents were Michael and Catherine McCausland. I visited their graves in the famine graveyard. I could never get beyond Michael and Catherine though and I was never certain of any siblings for Mary. I was recently sent a marriage certificate for Bryan and Mary that listed Bryan's father as Cornelius. This is the first time I had seen his name. No mother information was given.

It appears that Bryan (he was referred to as Bernard in almost all church records) had a brother John who may have married Mary's sister Sarah, actually before Bryan and Mary married. I have found a wedding certificate for them. And a John and Sarah McGinley are listed as sponsors on some of Bryan and Mary's children's baptismal records. Other possible siblings as sponsors for baptism include Bridget, Thomas, John. John appears to play a prominent role in Bryan's life as he was with Bryan when he died on October 31, 1922. John, I believe, was a few years younger. As an aside, I don't think that John and Sarah had any children of their own, though I think that Bryan and Mary's daughters lived with them from time to time as indicated in the census. Bryan and Mary's youngest child, Winnie, is buried with John and Sarah.

I am trying to find anything that will take me a little further back. More siblings for Bryan or Mary. Wife for Cornelius. The only possible record I could find for him was in the Tithe Applotment records in 1837 paying for property on Runclevin. I think that might be my Cornelius, because that is an area that Bryan farmed even though he lived on Main St. It is where Bryan died as it happens as well. I think my family still owns property there and farms there. I believe my cousin, John Joe, still keeps animals there and I believe my cousin Mick (Paul McGinley's father) still owns a house there. On the McCausland side, I have found some references to a James and Sarah McCausland who could potentially be my great great grandfather Michael's parents. If I recall the record I had indicated that James was also a fisherman or fish monger as Michael was. I have no maiden name for Catherine McCausland. My family owned some property in Casey Glebe and, at one point, my Uncle Paddy told me that land was his mother's. I can see no McCausland's owning property there in Tithe or Census but wonder if one of the families might be Catherine's.

More recently I discovered a marriage certificate for a Catherine McGinley, daughter of Cornelius who married a John Collins. A Catherine Collins and a Thomas Collins are registered as sponsors for one or two children of Bryan and Mary. I believe that Catherine and John had a number of children and that Catherine died fairly young. I believe John and one or more of their children moved to Scotland. There is no John Collins in the 1901 Census in the Dunfanaghy area but in 1911 he is back with a Moffatt family (one of his daughter's appears to have married a Moffatt) and their youngest children were born in Scotland.

Finally, buried with Bryan and Mary is their son Barnie, he died young. And Catherine McGinley of Fermoy who died in 1907. I am wondering if perhaps that is Bryan's mother but have no evidence. I am assuming it is not his sister Catherine as she would likely have been Catherine Collins.

Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated. I will take anything related to Cornelius, particularly his wife's information.


Marie McGinley

e-mail: mizmallow (at)


Hello McGinley Clan,

I am recently working with the members of the Rooney from Dungannon to locate family here in the US and in Ireland. This project is related to another project: a Facebook page honoring one of us, "Chaplain Fr. Daniel /Denis Rooney." He was a decorated US Army Chaplin in the Korean War. So many are contributing information about lost family members.

In tracing grave stones here in the U.S., we discovered a Sarah McGinley 1913-1923 burned along with the Rooneys in Calvary Cemetery in New York. This is a mystery to all of us.

The Rooneys were from Dungannon. Can you shed some light on who she might be?

Thanks so much,

Patricia Feiler, granddaughter of John and Mary McGlade Rooney

Thanks so much,

Patricia Feiler, granddaughter of John and Mary McGlade Rooney

Mattituck, New York

Rooney Family Plots in Calvary, Woodside
Queens County
New York, USA
Plot: section 43 range 12 plot cc graves 9 and 10

e-mail: pfeiler (at)


I am trying to complete a family tree and would be very grateful if anyone could add any information.
My grandfather was John Mc Ginley from Murroe, Dunfanaghy in the parish of Clondahorky, Co. Donegal, born 1st april 1885.

His father was James Mc Ginley from Murroe, Dunfanaghy in the parish of Clondahorky, Co. Donegal, born 1854.

I am trying to trace James Mc Ginley's parents.

I found Francis McGinley (widow) in the Tithe Applotment books for 1834 in Murroe, Dunfanaghy, in the parish of Clondahorky, Co. Donegal.

If you have any queries or possible family connections please contact Eileen Gallagher.

Eileen Gallagher

e-mail: egallagher10 (at)


I am looking for any information on John and Hanah McGinley born in Gortahork, Co. Donegal. John was born in 1843 and Hanah in 1851. Thank you very much. Ed Ritter.

e-mail: eeritter (at)


My grandfather was Patrick Joseph McGinley born in Donegal 1877 and emigrated to the USA between late 1890's and early 1900's. I believe his father was Frank or Francis McGinley and his mother to be Hannah Cassidy McGinley. I know he had relatives in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. It is said one of his brothers took part in the Oklahoma land rush. He eventually settled in Atlanta Georgia and married my grandmother Mary Katherine McGuire in 1911. An elder cousin claims the family was from Kilkar.
Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Jacquelyn Dever Lorenz

e-mail: mymimi (at)


Brothers Charles (b 1821), Patrick (b 1825) and Andrew Bernard McGinley (b1828) all came to America from Ireland together in 1843. Brother Andrew Bernard McGinley came as a stow-a-way on the same ship as his brothers. By 1860 all three brothers are married with families and living in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. Father's name may be John McGinley - mother unknown. They all came from County Donegal. Looking for information about family who did not immigrate and other siblings as well. Other brothers that stayed behind were Hugh (b 1818) and possibly John (b 1820). Thank you. Candace Lundgren.

e-mail: lundc (at)


I am looking for connections to my family. My Father was Patrick Leo Ginley aka Leo Ginley. He was a talented violinist and broadcast many times in the 1930’s and 40’s on Radio Éireann and the BBC. His father was Thomas Ginley, blacksmith, last known address Quadrant street, Belfast. Any information would be great. Thank you in advance. Leo Ginley.

e-mail: lginley (at)


I am searching for information about my late father, Bernard McGinley, son of Mary and Dennis McGinley from Donegal. He had other children in the Philadelphia area. My name is Bernadette and I was born to Anita and Bernard McGinley in 1955 in Philadelphia.

E-mail: philybern (at)


My name is Sharon nee McGinlay (from Glasgow), I've been trying to trace back my dad's family line and have became stuck. Therefore any help I can get to shed light on my ancestors would be greatly appreciated.

My dad is James McGinlay born in 1937 (Glasgow) married to Margaret nee Paterson. His siblings are Margaret (died in childhood), Elizabeth, Ellen and Irene.

His dad is James McGinlay born in 1910? (Glasgow) married to Ellen nee Boyle. His siblings are Edward, Hugh and Margaret.

His dad is John McGinlay married to Elizabeth McCafferty. His date of birth and country of birth is unknown possibly Ireland or Glasgow. I'm unsure if he had siblings.

Any help/info or tips would be greatly appreciated as I've exhausted other avenues.

E-mail: homershaw (at)


I am looking for information related to my great grandfather and great grandmother. His name was James McGinley (05-14-1892) and her name was Anges McGinley (07-14-1898). Her maiden name was Graham. My great great grandfather’s name was Anthony McGinley. My great great grandmother’s name was Mary Kelly McGinley. I believe James was born in Ireland, but my family believes he grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. Anges was from Glasgow. They came to America and found a home in Detroit, MI sometime around August of 1929. Agnes and James had three children (Jessie, Michael, and Margaret). James had a sister named Mary McGinley Henaughen and some brothers. The two names I have for James’ brothers are Michael and John McGinley. I was also given an address for the home James purchased in Detroit. 15746 Hartwell. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Kenneth McGinley Prichard.

E-mail: kenmprich (at)


My father John McGinley (born Dumbarton, Scotland) passed recently and though we grew up with stories of the family you always think you have more time to get it all down formally. I'm hoping someone can add to, correct or fill in the blanks of the history I remember. Thank you for any help.

John McGinley of Bruce Hill, Dumbarton Scotland
Siblings: Charlie, Tim (died age 3), Winnie, Beatrice, Eddie, Kate (Catherine). Anthony (Tony) Parents: John McGinley & Catherine Callaghan McGinley born and married Creeshlough area, Ireland.
No info on Catherine's siblings but her parents were: Timothy and Beatrice Callaghan. Siblings of John: Maggie (Margaret), Annie, Charles, William (Willie), Mary, Patrick. Parents: Charles and Winifred McGinley. It's possible that Charles had a brother Jim but I'm not sure of that. Nor do I have much info on the Callaghan side. Thanks again for any help. Catherine McGinley.

E-mail: catmcgin (at)


I was excited to see the Roarty name (my mother's maiden name) on your 'Neighbouring Clans' page. We just completed our initial trip to Donegal and wish we had located this information prior to our visit. My question is if anyone is aware of a good source of information about the Roarty clan, whether a person who does research, a website, or other materials. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! Michael Martz. Chicago, IL.

E-mail: gmm0117 (at)


I am looking at the McGinley family for a McGinley friend, who now resided in Jarrow / Hebburn, Tyne and Wear England. So I am trying to find the following. Marriage, parents and siblings. I know the following.

The banns for marriage for John and Bridget was on 13th November 1852 in Selkirk, but there is no actual date of the marriage form the report taken from "Scottish People".

Do anyone know when this marriage took place and who their parents were?

I know that by the 1861 census John (aged 28) and Bridget (29) both came from Ireland and resided in High Street, Selkirk.

Again do anyone know where they were actually born, and when, and did they have any siblings??

John and Bridget had 4 children in Selkirk, then moved to Jarrow / South Shields, where they had another 2 children, and where Bridget died in Q4, 1865 aged 33. John then remarried on the 30th June 1866 in South Shields to widow Jane Donoghoe / Woods.

I have all the names of the children, and other information in the Jarrow / South Shields, Durham, so I only need to see if anyone can help me with John and Bridget marriage, their siblings and their parents. Thank You

E-mail: stanb106 (at)


I am looking for my grandmother's family. Her name is Margaret Mcginley who married James McLaughlin. Her brothers and sisters are Charles (Australia), Bernard, Madge Mcginley Reilly ("Massachusetts, USA), Ellen Mcginley Harrity Delaware USA and my grandmother Delaware, Mary married a Coyle, Nancy or Anne married a Doohan, John and Phillip. Her parents were Bernard Mcginley married to a Nancy or Anne McCafferty and they were registered on 1901/1910 census in Gortahork. Would welcome any information on brothers and sisters my great grandparents and their parents and families. Thanks.

E-mail: nancyhuntcoleman (at)


Hi, I am trying to find more information on the following family and wondered if anyone could help me please? I am interested in both families. Unfortunately I have very little. John Whittaker was the father of both James and William Whittaker. William married Mary McGinley, I'm presuming in the early 1840's or late 1830's. Possibly in Creagadoos where I think William came from or where-ever Mary came from. I don't have Mary's father's name.

Could anyone help with their marriage please?

I do know that they had at least three children:- William born 1 December 1846, Thomas born 1 November 1849 and Mary born on the 16 May 1854 all in Creagadoos.

I can't find anything else on any of them, marriages, deaths or what became of any of them. Would anyone be able to help with William, Mary or the childrens' deaths please etc or anything on the Whittaker family?

Kind regards, Cran.

E-mail: elnnwhtl (at)


I'm hoping to connect with family still living in the Creeslough/Letterkenny area. I am the grandaughter of John McGinley born Dec 1899 in Creeslough - died Sept 1947 in Dumbarton, Scotland & Catherine Callaghan McGinley born Jan 1900 - died Oct 1964. Married in Creeshlough area, Ireland.

My father was John McGinley of Bruce Hill, Dumbarton Scotland born Dec 1927.
Siblings: Charlie - born in Creeslough ~ 1921, Tim (died age 3), Winnie, Beatrice, Eddie, Kate (Catherine). Anthony (Tony)

Great-grandparents Charles McGinley & Winifred (of house 14 Creeshlough according to census records) may have had 14 children including: Maggie (Margaret), Annie, Charles, William (Willie), Mary, Patrick, John, Sophie, Betty, Joe and Jim.

Any help connecting with family is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Catherine McGinley.

E-mail: catmcgin (at)


I am researching the MCGINLEY surname and am hoping that someone can help me. I have a William MCGINLEY of Gortermon Townland who dates back into the 1700's. He connects to my MCGINLEY/MAGINLEY family in some way. I believe that he is possibly the Father or Grand father of my John Maginley born ca 1820 - Ireland This man was married to Margaret STEWART born ca 1820 - Ireland I also have a Thomas J. MAGINLEY born ca 1843 - possibly of Aghavass Townland - Ireland. He may have been married to Anna Elizabeth BERRY d/o James BERRY born ca 1820 - Cavan Townland - Scotland & Mary STEWART born ca 1820 - possibly of Corraneary - Scotland.

The information shown in Griffiths Valuations Records does mention these people. As can be seen my information appears somewhat limited. I do sincerely hope that some one may relate to it in some way. I give many thanks, in advance for references. I live in United States of America. Bev Thomson.

E-mai: b18627t (at)


Hello, hoping to find connections to the family of Margaret McGinley who was born about 1909, from the Gweedore area and working as a housekeeper/servant in Belfast in the 1930s? Thank you. Jane.

E-mai: jigsaw_51 (at)


Hi I am Donna McGanley and I'm looking for any information on my Grandad Francis Matthew McGanley/McGinley born 1920 in Ireland not northern. He may have a brother Patrick. He enlisted into the English army in Northern Ireland date unsure of but he was only 14 so would have been 1934. He was in malaya with the royal engineers around 1948 to 1950.

We think he left the army around 1955 and lived in Gilmorton Leicestershire until he left no other trace of him from then on. Can anyone help me? TIA. Xx contact me Donna McGanley.

E-mai: dottydonna (at)




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