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If you can answer any of the following questions for the clan, please feel free to contact us:

Ciothruadh Mag Fhionnghail, the scribe and monk is said to have had a brother. Does anyone know his name?

Does anyone know where James McGinley, the first of the name in America is buried, and can a year of death be confirmed?

We are lacking information on early McGinleys in England, can anyone help?

Can anyone give additional information about a supposed McGinley 'large stone residence' at Roshin, Co. Donegal?

Any notable persons of the name (from the past) that we may have missed out?

Do you have an unusual spelling of the name McGinley or do you think your name 'may' be a variant of it?

Do you know of any place-names around the world that contains the name McGinley (or any of its variants)?




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