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Third International McGinley Clan Gathering

Friday 3rd August - Monday 6th 2018

Location: Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal, Ireland


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August 3rd


12:00–1:00pm: Meet & Greet.

Venue: St Michael's GAA Clubhouse, Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal.

7:00pm: McGinley Poetry book launch/

Venue: St Michael's GAA Clubhouse, Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal.


August 4th


1pm–2pm: Fascinating talk will be given by Choctaw Professor Waylon White Deer. Waylon is of the Choctaw nation and is an expert in their history and culture and of the Irish Great Hunger. The small Choctaw nation famously collected money to send to the poor starving Irish. On March 23rd, 1847, the Indians of the Choctaw nation took up an amazing collection. They raised $170 for Irish Famine relief, an incredible sum at the time worth in the tens of thousands of dollars today...

Venue: Dunfanaghy Work House, Co. Donegal.



August 5th





August 6th


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See available accommodation in and around Dunfanaghy village here.

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If your surname is McGinley, or any of its variants, we hope that this website will be of help and interest to you. The main aims of this website is to give those of the surname McGinley (and its many variants) information regarding the origins and history of the clan along with some general information about the lifestyle and culture of the clan before they were dispersed around the world. The other main aim is as an 'Information Board' for McGinleys around the world to connect with each other and to help each other in developing their family trees etc. This history is the history of the surname McGinley, a small clan who originate in the north of Co.Donegal, Ireland. Other spellings include:
Mag Fhionnaile, Mag Fhionnghaile, Gainley, McGeanely, McGeanly, McGeenley, Geenley, McGenley, Genley, McGennell, Gennell, M'Gennely, McGennelly, Gennelly, McGennowlie, McGhinly, McGhunly, McGienley, McGilnay, McGimbley, McGimby, McGimlay, Gimlay, McGimley, Gimley, McGimly, McGinaly, Ginaly, McGindlay, Gindlay, McGindley, Gindley, McGindle, McGingley, Gingley, McGinlaey, MacGinlay, McGinlay, Ginlay, McGinleay, MacGinley, Ginley, MacGinly, McGinly, Ginly, McGinnally, Ginnally, McGinnaly, Ginnaly, Ginneley, McGinnell, Ginnell, MacGinnelly, McGinnelly, Ginnelly, MacGinnely, McGinnely, Ginnely, McGinnery, Ginnery, McGundle, McGuindlay, Guindlay, McGuindle, McGuindley, Guindley, McGuinlay, Guinlay, McGuinley, Guinley, McGuinnell, Gumelly, McGumlay, Gumlay, McGumley, Gumley, McGunlay, Gunlay, McGunley, Gunley, McGunly, Gunly, McGynley, McGynnillye, McKinlay, McKinley, Magenelly, Magenley, Magennelly, Maginally, Maginlay, Maginley, Maginly, Meginelly, Meginlay, Meginley, Meginly, Weginley

For many years now, it has been felt important among those surnamed McGinley (and its varients), that an authorative history of the clan be written and recorded. While many gifted genealogists and historians have written short pieces on the clan, nothing of great length or value has been put into print, until now. This project, covering many years of research, is officially approved by the clan itself. It is indeed surprising that a surname so numerous in the north west of Ireland has not, until now, been properly documented. They say that it's the quiet ones that you should watch, and that certainly pertains to the McGinley Clan. Throughout history the McGinleys have made their mark, both in Ireland and in America, in a very quiet, laid back and unassuming way. The McGinleys have many achievements, most of which are overlooked today. The McGinley name has made a difference to the lives of many without asking for a 'pat on the back'.




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